Reciprocating сompressors

Reciprocating сompressors

TRIZ Ltd uses modern diagnostic equipment in its work in order to perform inspection and prediction of operating failure of reciprocating machines. Satisfy the requirements of the API 617 standard
Program software allows performing precision computations for solving difficult strength, thermodynamic and gas dynamic tasks. The forward-engineering method is applied.


•cylinders, case-shaped parts;
•pistons and plungers;
•connecting rods and rod bolts;
•cylinder liners;
•piston and guide rings;
•oil rod seals;
•gas rod seals;

The production capabilities provide manufacture and repair of parts for the majority of positions of the chemical, gas and petrochemical industries: BFV-320, 4DVK-210-10, 2M16-20/42-60, 4GM10-20/70, 4GM 16-22,4/23-64, 4GM16-100/200, 4M40-680/22-320, 2VM4, 305GP-16/70, etc.

The machinery of TRIZ Ltd allows processing of machining up to 3800 m of length and 860 mm of diameter at CNC machines. Five-axial processing provides milling of any complexity, and high-precision equipment enables to decline the mechanical work.

The machine park processes machining up to 3800 mm long and up to 860 mm in diameter on CNC machines. Five-axis processing allows you to perform boring and milling of any complexity.

Repair of reciprocating compressors

•Vibration and parametric diagnostics with recommendations in modernization;
•Compressor demounting;
•Defects identification, residual life calculation;
•Current repair, overhaul and damage repair;
•Valve repair;
•Mounting of the compressors and electromotors;
•Recovery of work surface of rods, plungers and cross-heads;
•Check of magnetization and demagnetization of parts;
•Compressor assembly;
•Laser centering of shafts and shaft systems, mounting seats of bearings, cylinders, crankcase, electromotor;
•Commissioning and start-up;
•Vibrodiagnostics with recommendations for the further operation.


•Diagnostics of reciprocating compressor operation, compressor fitting and allied equipment (including pumps, volume capacities, chokes, fittings);
•Engineering services in compressor operation improvement, energy saving and ecology of production works;
•Development of projects related to fitting of reciprocating machines with vibration, pressure, temperature sensors, consumption and positionof rods;
•CAD designing in 3D with preparation of design documents,
•Development, manufacture and supply of assemblies, mechanisms and spare parts with improved technical characteristics;
•Technical measures in vibration stability increase of reciprocating compressor units
•Projecting at the customer’s request;
•Producing new equipment or modernization of the standard one;
•Commissioning and start-up.

Delivery terms

The parts are supplied within a short period of time, as a rule, it takes 60-90 days.
Guarantee period — 24 months. Designated life of operation — 20 years.
It is required to make the data sheets for making order.