Thrust Bearings

Journal thrust bearings

The thrust bearings are thrust lever (PUR) designs of TRIZ used in centrifugal compressors, HPA, steam and gas turbines, generators, pumps and other equipment.
Meet the requirements of the standard API 617 (Certificate number ODC1820-0749 / 1).
Bearings are designed and supplied under the order for a given installation dimensions and operating conditions as non-reversible and reversible with irreversible properties. The existing range of bearings covers the range of perceived load up to 60000 kgf.


•high bearing capacity;
•high leveling and compensating ability;
•long overhaul life;
•built-in protector from electro-erosion destruction;
•using the standard oil system;
•reduction of lubricant consumption up to 2 times;
•low power loss;
•compactness, high maintainability

Design features:

PUR TRIZ® – pad with spherical bearing on the leveling lever system in which the rollers are installed between the levers. The lower arms rest on the spherical bearings installed in the bearing cage. Scrapers of conductive material are installed between the thrust pads, which remove the hot layer of oil from the thrust disc, as well as provide individual supply, oil drainage and static electricity removal, preventing electro-erosion of the blocks and thrust disc.

The use of scrapers ensures the use of 90% of the effective surface (in the regular 60%). The electric-spark method of depositing copper on the bearing pads before pouring babbitt increases by 30% the strength characteristics of the joint between the antifriction layer and the substrate,
which determine the ultimate load capacity.

Reversible Journal thrust bearing

Joint installation in the thrust bearing of non-reversible and reversible pads allows to get a bearing that combines high bearing capacity in the forward direction of rotation in the operating mode with the required bearing capacity in reverse rotation in non-standard operating modes.
The thrust lever system with high compensating properties ensures uniform thrust of the thrust pads of axial force with distortions in the “rotor-thrust bearing-bearing” system. Hydrostatic unloading of axial force and the second round of lubricating oil circulation is implemented.

Technical solutions of TRIZ to increase the carrying capacity of PUR

Delivery terms:

PUR are delivered under the order for the set installation sizes and service conditions in a short time. To order,the questionnaire must be fill out.
Warranty period of operation – from 24 months.