Centrifugal compressors

Centrifugal compressors are custom-made. Design documentation is developed in accordance with the terms of reference agreed with the Customer. The term of design and manufacture is about  two years.

Centrifugal compressors are designed in accordance with the requirements of standard API 617 (Certificate No. ODC1820-0749 / 1).


The main advantage of compressors manufactured by TRIZ is high reliability and efficiency, stable operation of the unit in a wide range of operating modes, consistently low losses throughout the turnaround cycle, low vibration, high maintainability.

The design of impellers uses the most modern methods of profiling blades to achieve maximum efficiency. Manufacturing is carried out on high-precision equipment. Corrosion-resistant steels are used to ensure durability in aggressive environments.

All compressors are equipped with damper bearings and seals of the original patented design. This allows minimizing of reactive forces on the rotor and guaranteeing its dynamic stability in all operating modes, including the most loaded starting and transient modes. Axial stability of the rotor is guaranteed including thrust bearings with high bearing capacity.

Flexible couplings used in TRIZ compressors ensure reliable torque transfer, relieving the rotor system from the reactive forces and compensating installation and operating deviations of the rotors.

Carefully selected modern materials, high-precision machining of parts on modern machining centers, multi-level control of production processes allows the manufacture of compressors at the level of world standards.

“TRIZ” performs the full cycle of works for the supply of compressor units, including the development and coordination of technical specifications, gas-dynamic and strength calculations, design, manufacture, installation, testing of the unit under operating conditions. The Company also provides warranty and after-sales service for compressors, performs all types of repairs using its service unit.

The main characteristics of centrifugal compressors “TRIZ”

Rated power Up to 25 MW
Minimum suction pressure 0,3 kgf / cm2
Maximum discharge pressure 1000 kgf / cm2
Input flow range From 21,0 to 800 m3 / min
Rotations speed Up to 24000 rpm
Number of compression stages Up to 10 in section
Drive type Electric motor, turbine, combined etc.
Working environment Natural gas, methane, nitrogen-hydrogen medium, carbon dioxide, air, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.
Low vibration Less than 15 microns
High precision and quality of manufacturing components on the latest production equipment


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