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TRIZ supplies a wide range of in-house products and services for the chemical, petrochemical, gas transportation, oil-producing, energy and other industries.

TRIZ is one of the leading companies in the machine-building industry with a full production cycle from design to service and specializes in the production of compressors, pumps and auxiliary equipment. The company also provides services for the repair, reconstruction, increase of reliability, efficiency, dynamic stability, resource, service life of dynamic equipment of various manufacturers.

Intellectual and production capabilities of “TRIZ” allow to implement projects for the reconstruction and modernization of equipment without the involvement of contractors, which makes it possible to conduct continuous monitoring of all production processes.

“TRIZ” systematically expands production facilities, equipping them with modern equipment, in order to fully and timely meet the requirements of our customers.

TRIZ has an extensive reference of supplies and services for the largest companies in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Poland and other countries in Europe and Asia.

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