The mission of TRIZ Ltd is the provision of high-efficient technical solutions, formed
directorTRIZwith application of advanced technologies and protected patents, designed for high reliability and efficiency of the operated equipment,; to guarantee safe and continuous work of your enterprise, also to make a considerable contribution in competitive ability and financial success of your company.

Your problems are our problems, your success is our success as well.

That’s why TRIZ Ltd fulfills its obligations in time and in a responsible manner; satisfies the needs of your company realed to solution of problems of the operated rotating equipment from the first stage of design and intermediate stage of engineering, manufacturing, testing, supply, installation, start-up and putting into operation up to the end of the warranty period and during all the manufacturing process of complexly and freely. TRIZ Ltd is fully engaged in efficiency improvement of therotating equipment, increase of overhaul life, thuseliminating the problems of the global warming (abatement of emission CO2) using advanced technologies and production. It’s a real honour for TRIZ Ltd to be a partner of your company. We are always waiting for new opportunities to satisfy your needs.

The motto of the company: “Together we are the best!”, and that’s why we are always with you.


Vasyl Martsynkovskyy

Director of TRIZ Ltd