Rotors and flow parts of centrifugal compressors TRIZ

Nowadays TRIZ Ltd has been designing and manufacturing rotors and flow parts for compressors and centrifugal machines, operating in chemical and petrochemical industries; also performs modernization, repair and service maintenance of rotating equipment, its systems and assemblies. A long experience of work and individual approach to each customer differentiates TRIZ Ltd among the other competitors.


The rotors of centrifugal compressors have been successfully operated and now possess the range of the following advantages:

• during design of the impellers the modern methods of blades profiling are used, providing the maximum output-input ratio;

• at the stage of design engineering all the critical parts are subjected to strength analysis;

• application of high-quality corrosion-resisting steel for manufacture of impellers provide their stability in aggres-sive environment and increase the operational life of the assembly;

• milling blades of impellers is performed at the advanced CNC five-axis machines, providing the processing of parts with complex space geometry, high accuracy of dimensions and quality of the surface;

• the welding technology of impellers «through the slot» in the atmosphere of shielding gas allows performing high-strength corrosion resistant welding of weld-in connections, increasing overhaul period in comparison with riveted connections 7-10 times. The welding is performed by the qualified staff with corresponding tolerance and license application for the work performance;

• the whole operation cycle of parts is performed at the one enterprise, providing the qualitative control of the part manufacturing;

• the production centre allows shaft processing, which length is up to 3800 mm. The maximum diameter of impellers is up to 860 mm;

Assembly process includes elementwise balancing of all the principal parts. The final balancing can be performed in vacuum unit at the operating rotations.

Production and technological capacities of TRIZ Ltd enable to manufacture rotors for the main positions of ammonia, carbamide, weakly azotic acid and methanol production.


Services in modernization:

• diagnostics and engineering;

• proposals for improving the equipment operation;

• gas dynamic analysis;

• strength analysis;

• development, manufacture and supply of spare parts and assemblies with improved technical features (including bearings, couplings, seals);

• increase of compressor output-input ratio by flow channel optimization;

• provision of the required margin of critical frequency;

• change of the rotor stiffness;

• technical measures in axial stability increase, calculation of the axial force;

• projecting of the rotating equipment according to mounting dimensions;

• manufacture of new compressor or repair of the existing one;

• start-up and commissioning in the customer’s territory.


Services in repair:

• performance of overhaul and current repair;

• defects identification of the rotors, residual life calculation;

• manufacture of new parts instead of the worn out parts (including impellers);

• reconstruction of blade edges subjected to corrosion and abrasive wear;

• reconstruction of nominal size cone and cylinder shaft necks;

• finishing oversize shaft necks (possible finishing without impellers demounting);

• hardening of journal shaft necks using electroerosive alloying with the further nonabrasive ultrasonic finishing;

• manufacture and replacement of bushings under floating seals;

• rehammering of featheredge seals on shafts and impellers;

• check of parts magnetization and their demagnetization;

• overspeed tests of impellers on rotations exceeding the nominal ones by 15%;

• elementwise balancing of the rotor parts and rotor assembly balancing (possible balancing at operating speed);

• laser centering at the place of mounting;

• start-up and commissioning in the customer’s territory.