Complex service of the dynamic equipment

The direction of the service appeared from the first days of “TRIZ” LTD LLC. Company was constant supervision of the installation and operation components and parts, accumulating invaluable experience of the work pumps and compressors. To date, were found the most advanced and reliable solutions in the field of dynamics of centrifugal machines.
Annually TRIZ LTD LLC performs overhauls dynamic equipment in the chemical industries. Participates in various upgrades, takes part in the construction of new production facilities, in terms of of dynamic assembly of equipment, working with well-known international companies.

We note two projects for installation and commissioning:

  1. Installation of the centrifugal compressor TK-102 (shop Urea 3) of “NAK Azot”, Novomoskovsk, Russia.

  1. 2. Installation of the piston kompressor BFV-320 (shop Urea 2) of “Nevinnomyssky AZOT”, Nevinnomyssk, Russia.

To date TRIZ LTD Ltd. offers potential customers a long-term service, order to optimize business activities in the field of repairs, inspections, diagnostics, supply of spare parts and predict long-term costs associated with the maintenance of dynamic equipment. The advantages of this type of cooperation are obvious:

  1. 1. The extension of time between overhauls dynamic equipment;
  2. The determination of the amount of repairs and spare parts required;
  3. The reduction in the cost of the emergency stop;
  4. The reduction in the time of emergency repairs.

The transition to long-term maintenance to diagnose and supervise the technical condition, to carry out a comparative analysis of the work of the same equipment and implement good practices in other enterprises. Repairs are carried out based on the characteristics of each company, which increases the willingness to troubleshooting and accidents, supply of spare parts and provide repair services.

“TRIZ” Ltd offers its services:

Installation of a new steam turbine «ALSTOM» and modernization of the centrifugal compressor technology air poz.101-JT